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Immigrant's Vineyard

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Immigrant's Vineyard comprises of 23ha of land, with 20ha planted in mainly Pinot Noir grapes and 4ha of Pinot Gris, plus a small amount of Gewürztraminer. 

The vineyard has two terraces, with the top being extremely bony, sandy near "hydroponic" soils. The bottom terrace has far more organic matter, mixed in with the sandy/loamy soil. Through fertigation, we irrigate and feed the vines to prevent them from stressing out. Especially the top terrace, as it has very little cation exchange capacity. Through the application of fish fertilisers/seaweed/humates and re-sowing of the swards, an effort is being made to increase the organic matter. Every second row was turned and sown with Phacelia, Blue Lupin, Plantain, Tic Beans, Buckwheat and white oats.

Roland and Lucienne van der Wal

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Gris